Thursday, 15 August 2013

How Can I Lose Fat Permanently

Losing weight is hard, if you don´t know what you are doing but it is easy if you do. Most people fail to lose weight before they have even begun. If you have the mindset, "I´ll go on a diet and see what happens, hopefully I will lose some weight,"you can´t lose any body weight with that kind of an attitude. You have to set yourself a goal and then go for it.

If you have a goal or a target, then it subconsciously creates motivation and energy to do stuff. You have the willpower to wake up early in the morning, burn calories with exercise and keep track of your nutrition. You have to think positive, it may seem silly but it is true. If you think, "I can't lose weight no matter what I do, I would work out but I don't have time" or "I don't want to be fat anymore," then you will never reach you goal and lose body fat. "I am getting leaner every day, I like eating healthy foods, I can do it," that is much better, isn´t it?

If your goal is simply to lose fat, then that is not a very good goal. It has to be more specific. "I want to lose 7% of body fat in 3 months," is much better. If you have a very specific goal and you have the right attitude, then you will have a much greater change of actually reaching the goal. Obviously if you want to lose fat, then you also have to measure your fat percentage. If you don´t do that, then you will not know if you have reached your target. A scale is helpful, but consistently measuring your body fat levels is much better.

For example, if you have lost 10 pounds in a month, then you don´t really know how much of that was fat. Weight loss is not fat loss. It is good to use the scale, but you also have to use body composition testing.

If you set your goals, then don't be shy. You have to think big and have big goals in mind to lose body weight because it can be hard to do. Use your imagination and create the perfect you and go for it. If you make progress, then you get closer and closer to that PERFECT YOU. If you don´t aim high, then you will never make it.

Goal setting is only one part of losing body weight, but nobody really uses it. If you combine goal setting with the correct nutrition, cardio training and weight training, then you will really take off. Where the mind goes the body follows, remember that.

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